o2 Content Management System

Manage Your Website With Total Control


Oxiem's CMS gives you the power to quickly and efficiently organize, monitor and make changes your website. The following features describe the capabilities of Oxiem's CMS:

  • Content can be restricted to any group. Groups can be created dynamically by the site administrator, and users can belong to multiple groups.
  • Oxiem's CMS provide for easy uploading of all file types. In addition, our system allow for optional notification (based on groups) for uploaded documents.
  • The Oxiem CMS uses advanced CSS for Search Engine Friendly Printer-friendly pages. Using the browser screen context, our CMS creates elegant printer-friendly pages with a minimal maintenance footprint.
  • Oxiem CMS uses a simple interface that is similar to Microsoft Word. If an editor can use Word, he can use our interface.
  • Oxiem's CMS uses the Smarty Templating engine to create a highly scalable environment for fully templated pages. Nearly every aspect of the webstie is managed via templates.
  • Our CMS has built-in tracking for referral data so that multiple points-of-entry can be tracked and measured for effectiveness.

Edit In Place Feature

With Edit in Place (EIP), making updates website content from the front end is fast and easy. Simply login to the site, navigate to the page you wish to work on and right click the content!

An editor will automatically appear around the paragraph of the content you right-clicked, allowing you to insert images, change copy and update heading tags, all from the front end!

Just click saved and your changes are updated! Editing website content has never been easier.

Check out this EIP demonstration:



The following characteristics distingish Oxiem from others in web development:

  • Core CMS Module – This is the basic building block upon which Oxiem web sites are created. It provides user-controllable content and smart management features. Now in its third generation, this solution is simple to use and provides user-specific access control.
  • Hero Image Rotator Modules – We believe a web site should be engaging and visually dynamic. The main im-age rotator module allows a series of dominant graphics to gently transition on the home page. This allows a series of individual messages (carefully orchestrated) to run in succession. Images can be easily uploaded, changed and hyperlinked to pages on the site, documents or other web sites. All aspects of the image rota-tors can be managed by the site administrator at AVETeC using our CMS dashboard.
  • Highlights Module – The Highlights functionality provides the capability for companies to promote a range of automatically refreshed highlights, events, news items or announcements on the web site. This is typically used for announcements or events with visual content associated with them. The highlights usually have short text messages and can be linked to any page, document or outside URL.
  • News Headlines & Center – The News module allows news items, announcements and press releases to be posted to the site with automatic “start” and “stop” dates. They link the news headlines to a news center or archive section. Announcements can include thumbnail images or only text, and can be prioritized based on the desire of the administrator.
  • Visitor Registration Center – Users can register to the site (with a range of questionnaire variables) through login functionality. It allows them to receive special privileges and information. For customers or prospects, a customer database is generated, which can then be used for outbound marketing, personalization or on-site tracking. All attributes of the visitor form are customizable. This allows for instant addition of AVETeC-centric visitor data such as “Industry” or “Educational Institution”.
  • SmartForms System – This module allows for instant creation of web forms for data collection. Once the collection is created, sending an email, printing, reporting and other features are available automatically. This module is great for webinar invitations, customer service questionnaires, and any other situation where cus-tomer or employee feedback is needed.
  • Site Monitoring & Reporting – Oxiem sites are provided with powerful third party site analytics and reporting capabilities. This gives companies information-rich and actionable statistics on site traffic, navigation and re-ferral sources.
  • Video/Audio Modules – Whether created by Oxiem or provided by the client, we can incorporate a wide range of flash or conventional video to enrich the on-site experience.  Included are audio, graphics or video.
  • Auto e-Newsletter – This module allows companies to “automatically” e-mail news, announcements or events to registered users of the site, at pre-determined periods or on-demand. 

Interactive Services

  • Responsive Websites
  • Mobile
  • Interactive Elements
  • Social Design
  • Active Digital Marketing